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The Registrar

Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agricutlure,

Technology & Sciences

Deemed University

Formerly Allahabad Agriutlural Institute

Post. Agriculture Institute

Allahabad 211007, U.P, India.

Ph. +91 532 2684281

Fax- +91 532 2684394

SRF : Department of Soil Water Land Engineering & Management
UPCAR sponsored project entitled "Farming system based water budgeting for Samrakalwana village at Allahabad"
JRF : Department of Home Science, Ethelind School of Home Science
Role of parents in engendering gender discrimination leading to health issues in adolescents: an interventional study

SRF:Department of Foods and Nutrition, Ethelind School of Home Science
Utilization of micronutrient rich Indigenous foods and their effect on the micronutrient status of school going children in Eastern districts of Uttar Pradesh




Post. Agriculture Institute, Allahabad 211007, U.P, India. Ph. +91 532 2684281, Fax- +91 532 2684394
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