Faculty of Agriculture

  Dean : Prof. (Dr.) D. B. Singh
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College of Agriculture
College of Forestry and Environment
College Home Science & Women's Development
College of Continuing and Non- Formal Education

The winds of change across the Indian sub-continent presage a bright future for young generation. The transformation from regulation to liberalizations, from protection to integration in the field of Agriculture demands new thinking, new approaches and new technical skills to accelerate the growth of Agriculture production. The essential concerns of the faculty are for the environment which is very well supported with series of disciplines like Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant Protection, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Forestry, Soil & Environmental Science, Agricultural Economics, Extension and Home Science. It also addresses the use of land and natural resources for recreation as well as, for producing ornamental plants.

All efforts are guided by the overriding concern for the environment, especially its conservation and protection. In recognition of the impact of advance technologies in Agriculture, on society, the faculty strives to engender socio-economic awareness and promotes the use of these technologies for the complex problems. Complimentarily, the Faculty of Agriculture is committed to being a centre of excellence for various fields of study under it. These developments place a premium on well trained young men and women possessing superior professional skills in Agriculture. The academic programmes are based on contemporary theory and practice and provide a strong conceptual foundation to those aspiring for top level position and career opportunities in this field. Theory and practice followed by the intensive research work, is framed through different departments of Colleges under this faculty.